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To build skilled and passionate teams that our clients need to thrive in the cannabis industry.


To be a nationally trusted and valued resource of skilled talent and proven leadership to each company we partner with in each cannabis friendly State.


About GreenRush

GreenRush Talent Network ( an ExecutiveSuite, LLC company) was founded in Los Angeles, CA in March 2014. With laser focus within the cannabis industry, we partner with some of the fastest growing cannabis media, consumer goods, packaging & supply and manufacturering companies in the US. We attract and hire culturally aligned, hard-to-find talent for our clients. 


While our focus is on Managment and senior leadership positions, we have been providing long-term talent acquisitions solutions for our clients by adding value with skilled talent at all professional levels. With a track record of success and an honest, optimistic approach we have been engaging our clients in successful and enduring recruiting partnerships focused all within the cannabis industry.

Practice Areas

GreenRush partners with companies in these areas: 


  • Consumer Goods

  • Packaging & Supply

  • Logistics-

  • Dispensary Management

  • Cannabis Science

  • Manufacturing

  • Cannabis Food & Beverage 

  • Business Development

  • Creative

  • Legal

  • Technology

  • Human Resources

  • Finance 

  • Operations

  • C-Suite

  • Marketing

  • E-commerce/Digital ninjas

  • Packaging

  • Sales & CS

  • Dispensary

  • Supply Chain

  • Product Development



The use of contract employees on an interim basis or long-term project basis has increased dramatically in recent years. Contracting is an attractive way for our clients to meet their needs and requirements without the cost and complexity of hiring those employees themselves.


Our services are highly competitive in pricing, and our contract employees are hand-selected to match your exact requirements. In many cases, our contract employees we have performed so well that our clients offer them full-time positions.


Contract-to-Hire relationships work well by allowing both our contractors and clients to benefit from a trial period prior to moving into a full-time hire. Businesses that adopt a contract-to-hire strategy benefit from observing the candidates firsthand with current staff and by hiring people who have gained a familiarity with your organization and its corporate culture. This approach to staffing provides a hands-on, realistic way of choosing a new employee with a lower risk of a hiring mistake.

Retained Search

Key placements can transform an organization: securing the right leadership is critical. If you partner with the right executive search firm, the return on the investment will be exponential, and the new hire should be able to add value quickly to your organization.


When hiring senior level individuals, most business leaders and HR executives would agree that retained search is the fastest, most effective and targeted method of identifying, sourcing and attracting the best most highly skilled candidates.

Contingency / Direct Hire Search

We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria. We thoroughly vet and pre-qualify every candidate for your consideration. We present highly skilled candidates to you through candidate summary profile, and we arrange interviews for each candidate you select.

Executive Suite provides experienced, consultative assistance throughout the entire process. We work closely with you and with the candidate throughout the interview, salary negotiation and on-boarding process to be certain of a positive experience both everyone.

Recruitment Solutions


1 -Year GreenGuarantee

​How the 1-Year GreenGuarantee Works

  • 1 day -90 days: Free Replacement

  • 91 days – 1 Year Replace at half your hiring investment (Minimum replacement fee of $5,000.00)

GreenRush will refill the vacated position for half of your hiring investment. That means half of your original investment for turnover, resignation and promotions.

Most agencies offer 60-90 days guarantee and that's it! We go beyond the standard to and give peace of mind and a solution for succession planning and turnover. 

Covering Succession and Turnover

Employees change jobs with a high frequency so as you grow you head count, engaging in the recruitment process becomes more time consuming. 

Employees change jobs with a high frequency.  In fact, In January 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the average employee tenure was 4.2 years, unchanges since the last survey in 2016 of over 60,000 households.


While our competitors address turnover with much shorter warranties, we give peace of mind to our clients that a solution for succession planning and turnover has been adopted by many of our client’s, which helps reduce additional talent acquisition expenses as you grow.

Benefit to the Customer

  • You maintain productivity by hiring faster

  • You reduce turnover with more time to evaluate for a fit

  • You can budget for turnover and succession planning for less.

  • Peace-of-Mind knowing your employee's are covered with our industry busting 1-Year GreenGuarantee. 

Consistent and Trusted Resource

Our 1-Year GreenGuarantee covers both turnover and succession for up to 1-year because we believe we both benefit more from building long-term meaningful relationship that continuously produces positive results.


1 Year

Recruitment Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you can expect when you work with us to recruit a new Direct-Hire Contract or Contract to Hire talent:

1. Full Understanding with Market Update

It’s not all about the technical requirements on paper, so we take the time to understand your business and the type of individuals that would thrive in your culture. We feel this is equally important to long-term success. Additionally, we provide an honest appraisal about market conditions, the availability of candidates and discuss compensation/market rates.

2. Clarification of your requirements

We arrange an in-depth call or face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. If you don’t have a job description, we can help with the preparation at this stage.

3. Access to Talent

We reach out to our existing network, new contact sources, generate referrals and engage potential candidates. This stage is all about marketing our client’s company, opportunity and unique story.

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4. In-depth Interviewing

We complete extensive interviewing to select your preferred candidates from a group of people who’ve been qualified against all of your technical, creative and personality requirements.

5. Referencing

We perform full referencing for your potential new employee to guarantee their credibility.

6. Offer Management

We help negotiate salary manage the offer letter process and securing start dates. In addition, we provide as a value added service, free drug screen to the final candidates selected. We will send our clients the results for review.

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  • Client + Candidate Commitment: We are committed to develop relationships that make a positive difference in both our candidate’s lives but also make an impact on our client’s company’s growth and success.

  • Respect For People: We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

  • Where There Is A Will There Is A Way: We demonstrate a strong will to win in the marketplace and in all parts of our business.

  • Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments

  • Integrity: Our standard is set high and our actions will always dictate good and sound judgment. 

  • Civility: Common courtesy, respect for others and patience is a guiding principle

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